ICAMS Staff and Students – have you seen our new online section?

Link to ICAMS Staff and Student section

Current Members Section includes.  

New Member section includes.

Recruitment Toolkit University Induction
Manager of New Colleagues – checklist ICAMS Induction
Research Support  MVLS New Student info
Key Contact UofG New students

Find out More - Current Members

Find out more - New Members

New Induction portal – all new members should be directed here

Section includes

  • ICAMS Health and Safety Induction
  • GUID, ID Card info
  • Building access
  • Career Development and opportunities

Find out more - ICAMS Induction portal

The section has been developed with all ICAMS members in mind. If there is something you feel is missing and would be beneficial within the new section, please contact me directly;

Tracy McArthur tracy.mcarthur@glassgow.ac.uk

First published: 1 March 2021

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