Overview - Health & Safety at the Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences

‌The Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences recognises work in the Institute can, on occasions, be hazardous. It is the philosophy and belief of this Institute that accidents are preventable and that the maintenance of good health and safety standards will, in addition to meeting legal requirements, improve overall performance and cost effectiveness. Successful management of health and safety at work can only be effectively achieved through the concerted effort and active participation of every staff member in fulfilling their duties as required by law. Its success relies entirely on the contribution each person makes towards health and safety. The Director of the Institute is responsible for putting in place effective arrangements for ensuring the health, safety and welfare at work for everyone working within Institute property. This applies to all staff, students and visitors within the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences and from other Institutes, Colleges and Institutions.

Each level of management within the Institute, from top to bottom, is accountable to its respective superior and at the same time responsible for its subordinates on safety matters.

Supervisors should lead, motivate and encourage their staff to report hazards and to discuss all matters relating to safety.

The Safety Policy is made and safety performance monitored by the Institute Executive under the guidance and advice of the Institute Health & Safety Committee comprising staff representatives from various locations, plus interested and associated groups.

The Institute recognises that safety requirements which are required by law set only a minimum standard. It is also recognised that safety standards are dynamic in nature and the Institute underlines the importance of its commitment by constantly reviewing its own safety standards. As far as conditions and resources permit, the Institute is committed to continual and progressive improvement in safety standards.

All staff in the Institute are required to observe the health and safety rules and standards and adhere to the Institute Health & Safety Mission Statement. Deliberate deviation from the established rules and standards may result in disciplinary action.

The Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences Health & Safety Committee will review this Policy Statement at least annually.