Asymptomatic Covid-19 testing (MVLS) pilot

From 2nd April, as part of a University pilot, colleagues working across a number of MVLS buildings will be offered the opportunity to use COVID-19 home-test kits for asymptomatic testing. This is a voluntary test and provides an additional layer of protection by identifying individuals who are infected with the COVID-19 virus but who do not have symptoms.

The home tests are available to MVLS staff and research students who are required to work on campus (and is also extended to any other individuals supporting their work within local buildings). The pilot will allow us to anticipate demand for asymptomatic testing and is being rolled out ahead of a wider staff testing programme, which will be available by the 26th April.

The home test kits are lateral flow devices. Lateral Flow is being widely used across the UK for asymptomatic testing (including by NHS staff). It has the advantage of being simple to use, and the test can be carried out at home. It is recommended that lateral flow testing is carried out twice weekly. To this end, individuals requesting a home test kit will be given four lateral flow tests, i.e., two weeks’ supply. Instructions for using the test kits are included with each test.

Any individuals who obtain a positive result from lateral flow testing should refer to the University’s FAQs ( ) for advice about notifying the University.
Importantly, if you receive a positive lateral flow test result, it is important that you remain at home and have the result confirmed by a PCR test to ensure it is accurate. This can be done online through the Government Test and Protect website. However, we will also supply all individuals in the pilot with a single PCR test kit, which should only be used in the event of a positive lateral flow test result. If you require to use the provided PCR test kit, it should be registered at . PCR tests are analysed quickly by the Lighthouse Laboratory in Glasgow and results are usually notified to individuals on the same day. The PCR test swab can be sent to the Lighthouse via pre-paid Royal Mail or you can arrange for it to be taken directly to the Lighthouse via Paul Fairie (

If you would like to take part in this pilot, test kits can be collected from two locations: The reception area of the Wolfson Medical School Building and the ‘gatehouse’ at the entrance to Garscube Estate. University Services janitorial staff and MVLS Facilities staff are helping with the distribution of test kits. We anticipate that we will have sufficient tests for all those who would like to take part. Depending on demand, we expect the pilot to run until the end of April.

Please see our Lateral Flow testing FAQs at for more information about the testing process. Please note that if you have any potential symptoms of COVID-19, you should follow Government guidance at testing . For any general queries related to this, or to testing of University staff, please contact Billy Howie (