Personal Development Plan for ICAMS ECRs

Personal Development Planning for ICAMS ECRs launched in early Jan 2018. This document is a communication tool between you and your supervisor or mentor;

Personal Development Plan - Form with Guidance Notes

You should look through it and makes notes before meeting with your supervisor/mentor. You should work together to create short and long term goals and an action plan to gain the skills needed to realise these goals. You should have a formal meeting a minimum of once per year (but can be far more frequent) and this should be separate to and more holistic than the annual P&DR.

* We would ask that on an annual basis every ECR has their first meeting before May (except those on leave).

Ideally your line manager will act as the supervisor/mentor for this role, however if you feel you would also benefit from meeting with a mentor within or outside of ICAMS then please contact either Dr Jennifer Logue or Dr Alyson Miller and they will be happy to organise this for you.