ICAMS Promotions Workshop for early career Researchers

Would you like insider knowledge of how best to achieve promotion? Would you like to ask a promoted staff member how they done it? now you can, in our ‘Question Time’ promotions workshop;

Thursday 14th Dec
12:00 – 13:00
Room 222 BHF GCRC
To focus on staff grade 6 to 7, grade 7 to 8 and grade 8 to 9.

Following on from the promotion workshop ran by human resources last year, we thought those applying this year would appreciate more specific advice on what is required for promotion and to learn from the experience of others, who have been through this process successfully.

The panel will be available to answer any questions you many have, your questions can be submitted anonymously prior to the event.   

On The Panel:

Professor Rhian Touyz


Professor Godfrey Smith  
 Professor Stuart Nicklin  
 Dr Tom Van Agtmael   
 Dr Angela Bradshaw           































Some questions already asked:

• How many papers do I need to be able to apply for Lecturer? Do they all have to be first author papers?
• Should I be holding grant funding? If so how much is reasonable?
• Do I need the specific support of the Head of Institute for promotion?
• Is it possible to get promoted to a higher grade if I am currently employed at a lower grade on a fixed term contract funded by a grant?
• What constitutes impact at my stage of career?
• What constitutes a Leadership role at my level?
• Do I need teaching experience, if so how can I get it?

If you have a specific question relating to promotion and would like our panel to answer on the day, Please submit all questions through the below link before the 12th Dec.

All question submitted will be anonymous.