Dr Stephanie Chambers

  • Lecturer in Sociology of Health and Well-Being (Sociology)


Stephanie holds an MRC/University of Glasgow Research Fellowship. She is part of in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing’s Social Scientists in Health group, and the Complexity Programme at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit. Her research is focused on improving children’s health. Her areas of interest include:

  • the determinants of dietary intake and other health behaviours, such as the influence of the family, schools, advertising and marketing, and public policy;  
  • children’s health outcomes;
  • design and evaluation of interventions and policies.

Stephanie worked previously at the University of Dundee where she held a Chief Scientist Office Postdoctoral Fellowship on school food education. Before that time she carried out an evaluation of the Childsmile oral health programme. At the University of Reading, Stephanie worked as a researcher investigating sustainable and healthy food chains. During this time she also completed her PhD examining public opinions on the causes of obesity and support for policies to address it.

Recent projects include:

  • evaluation of the Scottish Schools Health and Wellbeing Improvement Research Network (SHINE)
  • evaluation of nursery-based diet and physical activity interventions
  • evaluation of Universal Free School Meals for P1-3 children (for NHS Health Scotland);
  • investigating the role of grandparents in children’s health;
  • examining dietary differences between Scotland and England (for NHS Health Scotland);
  • examining young people’s opinion on food marketing and regulation.

Stephanie welcomes potential PhD students interested in any of the areas outlined above.

Research interests

Research Interests: Evaluation of policy and interventions to improve diets, influences on diets, dietary inequalities, food marketing and regulation, childhood obesity, children’s diet and nutrition.

Expertise: mixed methods, qualitative methods, process evaluation, research with children, policy analysis, intervention design, reviews, survey design and analysis.


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    Robin Ireland - Commercial determinants of health in the English Premier League (2017-2020)

    Kathryn Machray – Food insecurity and health inequalities (2017-2021)


    Lauren White - Understanding the policy and public debate surrounding the regulation of unhealthy online advertising to children (2015-2019)

    Sheela Tripathee - Together through thick and thin: Cohabiting partners’ reciprocal influence during men’s attempts to change their dietary practices and physical activity to lose weight and maintain weight loss (2014-2018)


  • Ireland, Robin
    Commercial determinants of health in sport
  • Machray, Kathryn


Stephanie teaches qualitative methods, including interview and observational methods, and on carrying out research with children and young people.