Dr Massoud Boroujerdi

  • Research Associate / Statistician (MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit)
  • Affiliate (Medicine)

telephone: 01413537572
email: Massoud.Boroujerdi@glasgow.ac.uk


I gained my PhD from City University London in Systems Science (Mathematical modelling in physiology) in association with the Medical Unit (Diabetes and Endocrinology) at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School. My PhD thesis titled “Dynamics and control of insulin-dependent substrates in man”.  I am a statistician and mathematical modeller specialised in the modelling and simulation of longitudinal observations.

I have held various academic positions. I have been co-author in number of scientific papers and as first author for innovative analyses of published clinical trials. My latest paper (Methods Inf Med 52:484-493, 2013) describes a mechanistic method for the longitudinal analysis of biomarkers from observational studies (cohort studies) or clinical trials assessing therapeutic effectiveness of pharmaceutical compounds. 

I currently work on the evaluation of the Healthy Start Voucher Scheme: a natural experiment using the Growing Up in Scotland record linkage study and the Infant Feeding Survey.


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