Ms Lynne Gilmour

  • Research Associate (MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit)


I have just completed a mixed methods PhD exploring the journeys of care and experiences of children, their parents, and practitioners, after they are referred to CAMHS for suicidality at the University of Stirling.

Before retuning to research I spent approximately 18 years working directly with children and young people who experienced mental ill health, and suicidality in a range of posts. This included working with young homeless people, survivors of childhood sexual abuse, setting up and delivering a service for children suicidal and / or self harming, managing therapeutic children's homes for children who have experienced complex and multiple trauma, team leader of a women's aid children's service and working as an independent children's advocacy worker at ASSIST in partnership with the police and Glasgow Sherrif Court Domestic Abuse Court.

I returned to academia to utilise this experience to try and effect changes in policy and practice for children experiencing suicidality through research.

Research interests

  • Suicdiality in children
  • Children's mental health
  • CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health support services)
  • Children's experineces of trauma and abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, neglect). 
  • Sociology of mental illness. 
  • Foucauldian discourse analysis
  • Co-production; children's participation in research; children's rights based approaches.