Special interest groups

Grant Writing Group

Photo of young woman using a laptopIHW runs a successful grant-writing group, mainly for early career researchers (ECRs) but anyone is welcome.

The group’s aim is to enable research staff to generate highly fundable health-related research grant applications. The group follows a structured approach which seeks answers to two main questions: why is this research worth doing (why are the question worth answering)? And will the research answer the questions well? 

The group meets monthly for around two hours.  It is a peer-group where members contribute most to discussions but It is convened by Colin McCowan (Reader, Robertson Centre for Biostatistics) and Kate O'Donnell (Professor of Primary Care Research and Development, General Practice and Primary Care). All members bring their application ideas for fellowships or project grants and present them as they progress each month.  Some members have deadlines and we prioritise discussion of those proposals but try to allocate time fairly.

The group had various successes over the past few years with project grant applications and several fellowships. Members have found the group helpful for thinking through difficult lines of argument.

If you would like to join this group, please email Colin McCowan Colin.McCowan@glasgow.ac.uk

Early Career Researchers Forum (ECRF)

Photo of researchers working togetherThe ECRF consists of representatives of the early career researchers within IHW. The group aims to identify early career researchers' needs, support early career researchers' career development, and communicate effectively with the IHW senior management group.

The group was set up to help people overcome the challenges that early career researchers face in academia, including uncertain short-term contracts; progressing a career in an unstable funding environment; creating meaningful networks and contacts whilst simultaneously being expected to be mobile; and developing the skills needed to move on to become an independent researcher. The group provides a safe space in which early career researchers can communicate with each other about challenges and opportunities.

We meet quarterly to discuss, and suggest solutions for, challenges faced by early career researchers within IHW and communicate them to IHW senior management and other ECR-concerned groups. We organise events to support the professional development of early career researchers, including methodological training, support for career progression, funding and networking opportunities.

You can download the ECRF Reps February 2019‌ ‌or contact Audrey Dickie to find a contact within your research group.  Please get in touch with them directly if you are interested in getting involved, or have any concerns or suggestions.