Who we are

We have a strong interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise spanning epidemiology, psychiatry, psychology, primary care, cardiometabolic disease, genetics, neuroimaging, statistics, bioinformatics and data science.

Our research also benefits from close collaboration with colleagues in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, School of Life Sciences and School of Mathematics and Statistics, as well as research groups at Cardiff University, University of Oxford, King’s College London, University of EdinburghDublin City University and the Karolinska Institute.

We welcome enquiries about new collaborations and postgraduate research opportunities.

Photo of Alisha AmanAlisha Aman

I am a BHF-funded PhD student with a background in genetics/genomics. My area of focus is to identify potential drug repositioning or new drug targets using quantitative trait loci and GWAS data in cardiovascular disease, primarily hypertension.


Photo of Jana AndersonJana Anderson

I am a Research Fellow in Public Health, interested in understanding the link between diet and health in association with other lifestyle risk factors.


Photo of Mark BaileyMark Bailey

I am Senior Lecturer in Molecular Genetics, with interests in the genetic basis for a range of human traits and disorders, both single gene and complex, focussing on brain- and body composition/performance-related phenotypes.


Photo of Thomas CampbellThomas Campbell

I am a doctoral trainee in Clinical Psychology, and my research is investigating the links between physical activity and cognitive function.


Photo of Jonathan CavanaghJonathan Cavanagh

I am a Professor of Psychiatry, and my research is focused on understanding the role of immune molecular mechanisms (cytokines and chemokines) in serious mental disorder.


Photo of Breda CullenBreda Cullen

I am a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and a clinical neuropsychologist. My research focuses on understanding variation in cognitive function in chronic psychiatric and neurological disorders.


Photo of Evangelia DemouEvangelia Demou

I am a Research Fellow at the MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit. My research focuses on the impacts of work on health (and vice versa), and on the development, implementation and evaluation of workplace interventions to promote and sustain good health in the working age population.


Photo of Jonathan EvansJonathan Evans

I am a Professor of Applied Neuropsychology and interested in understanding the nature of cognitive and emotional functioning in neurological and psychiatric conditions.


Photo of Hamish FosterHamish Foster

I am a Clinical Academic Fellow in Primary Care, particularly interested in social inequalities in lifestyle and physical activity, and how this impacts on health.


Photo of Alex FraderaAlex Fradera

I am a doctoral trainee in Clinical Psychology, researching how the ability to identify dementia based on cognitive testing is affected by the presence of chronic pain.


Photo of Katie GallacherKatie Gallacher

I am the Stroke Association HRH Princess Margaret Clinical Lecturer, and I am particularly interested in how people with stroke live with and manage their condition.


Photo of Nicholas GrahamNicholas Graham

I am a Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry, and my research focuses on understanding the relationship between mood disorder and cardiometabolic disease.


Photo of Peter HanlonPeter Hanlon

I am a Clinical Research Fellow in General Practice & Primary Care interested in chronic disease management.


Photo of Enock HavyarimanaEnock Havyarimana

I am a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher and my research investigates patterns and risk factors for inflammatory diseases.


Photo of Bhautesh JaniBhautesh Jani

I am a Clinical Senior Lecturer in General Practice & Primary Care with particular interests in chronic disease management and mental health.


Photo of Keira JohnstonKeira Johnston

I am an MRC-funded PhD student with a background in evolutionary and quantitative genetics, focussing on how genetic data can be used to explore causal relationships between major depression & chronic pain.


Photo of Vittal KatikireddiVittal Katikireddi

I am a Professor in the MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit and my research focuses on the social determinants of health and health inequalities.


Photo of Drushca LallooDrushca Lalloo

I am a Consultant Physician in Occupational Medicine, an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer and a part-time PhD student interested in the health and health behaviours of different occupational groups.


Photo of Julie Langan MartinJulie Langan Martin

I am a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist. My main areas of research are multimorbidity and perinatal mental illness.


Photo of Donald LyallDonald Lyall

I am a Lecturer in Public Health and I am interested in cognitive ageing: its modifiers (e.g. genetics or lifestyle) and its substrates (e.g. brain structure).


Photo of Laura LyallLaura Lyall

I am a Research Fellow with a background in psychology, and my research focuses on understanding predictors of mental health, cognitive and brain imaging outcomes.


Photo of Daniel MackayDaniel Mackay

I am a Professor of Public Health Informatics and my research interests include public health economics, the application of econometric techniques within health care research, the evaluation of complex interventions and epidemiology.


Photo of Frances MairFrances Mair

I am the Norie Miller Professor of Primary Care Research, and my work focuses on optimising the care of patients with chronic illness and multimorbidity, taking into account the wider socioeconomic environment and social contexts in which patients live.


Photo of Barbara NichollBarbara Nicholl

I am a Senior Lecturer in Primary Care and I am particularly interested in the complexity of chronic pain alongside mental and physical health conditions.


Photo of Claire NiedzwiedzClaire Niedzwiedz

I am an RCUK Innovation Fellow, and my research aims to explore how aspects of computer science can help us better understand the onset of mental and physical co-morbidities and associated adverse outcomes.


Photo of Robert PearsallRobert Pearsall

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry and my main area of research is into the physical co-morbidity of people with serious mental illness.


Photo of Jill PellJill Pell

I am the Henry Mechan Professor of Public Health, and I have a longstanding interest in using record linkage to study chronic disease epidemiology.


Photo of Natasha SanghaNatasha Sangha

I am an MRC-funded PhD student with a background in data science and psychology. I am interested in using machine learning to understand predictors of mood disorders.


Photo of Richard ShawRichard Shaw

I am an epidemiologist, and my research aims to understand how a person’s social context influences their health across the life course.


Photo of Daniel SmithDaniel Smith

I’m a Professor of Psychiatry interested in the causes and treatment of major mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, as well as the overlap between psychiatric and cardiometabolic disorders.


Photo of Ioana StanciuIoana Stanciu

I am a PhD student with a background in psychology and health psychology, interested in the genetic links between rheumatoid arthritis and mental health, cognition and sleep.


Photo of Rona StrawbridgeRona Strawbridge

I am a Health Data Research-UK Research and Innovation Research Fellow with a background in molecular genetics, and my current research focus is on using genetics to investigate the link between psychiatric disorders and cardiometabolic disease.


Photo of Michael SullivanMichael Sullivan

I am a Clinical Academic Fellow in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences. I am interested in chronic kidney disease, multimorbidity and the impact these problems have on health.


Photo of Rachana TankRachana Tank

I am a PhD student with a background in neuropsychology interested in ways in which cardiometabolic health influences brain structure and cognition, focusing on genetic determinants of cardiometabolic disease. 


Photo of Joey WardJoey Ward

I am a postdoctoral researcher, and my research investigates how genetic risk for neuroticism and major depression influence response to antidepressants and longer-term clinical outcomes.


Photo of Simin (Selina) WuSimin (Selina) Wu

I am a PhD student funded by the joint scholarship of the University of Glasgow and China Scholarship Council, with a background in public health and epidemiology. My research examines the comorbidity of chronic pain, cardiometabolic disease and depression.


Photo of Xingxing ZhuXingxing Zhu

I am a CSC-funded PhD student with a background in neuroscience, focusing on how genetic risk factors act on mental disorders especially the potential roles of brain morphology and function.