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IHW academic takes leading role in dementia research network

Dr Donald Lyall has been appointed as the lead for the Applied Models and Digital Health working group for the Alzheimer’s Research UK Deep Dementia Phenotyping (DEMON) Network

Differences in blood biomarkers in people with genetic risk of Alzheimer’s

Our researchers have conducted the largest study to date on a wide range of common blood biomarkers, showing clear differences in people at genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Maltreatment in childhood is associated with a higher chance of multimorbidity in later life

Our research examined the link between four forms of childhood maltreatment – physical, sexual, emotional and neglect – and the presence of multiple health conditions later in adult life

Multimorbidity is linked to a 48% higher risk of a positive COVID-19 test

Our study is the first to link both multimorbidity and polypharmacy (taking multiple medications) with the risk of having a positive COVID-19 test

Anticholinergic burden associated with adverse effects in middle to older age

Our research showed that anticholinergic medication burden was significantly associated with a composite of all-cause mortality and major adverse cardiovascular events

SINAPSE conference on neuroimaging in diseases that cause dementia

Summary of the recent successful event showcasing neuroimaging research, including UK Biobank

‘Predicting suicide risk using health data at scale’

HDR-UK have published a case study of Rona Strawbridge’s ground-breaking research


‘New genetic study links chronic pain to depression, BMI, schizophrenia, arthritis and PTSD’

Read Keira Johnston’s article for The Conversation about our recent work to identify genetic risk factors for chronic pain

JMAS Sim and LKAS Fellowships for Dr Laura Lyall

Congratulations to Dr Laura Lyall on winning these prestigious Fellowships, to investigate genetics and neuroimaging of sleep and circadian function in depression and cardiovascular disease in UK Biobank

IHW UK Biobank researcher performs at Bright Club

Donald Lyall performed at the Glasgow Science Festival ‘Bright Club’ special on Monday 10 June 2019. Bright Club is a collection of comedy-club-style events in the UK, Ireland and Australia, promoting public engagement by scientists, academics and others with specialist knowledge. It has been described by The Guardian as "a 'thinking person's' comedy night", and by Londonist as "where funny meets brains". Donald talked about dementia, the perils of Big Data analysis, correlation vs causation, and dead salmon. Watch the video here (strong language at 07:46)

‘What our new study reveals about the genetics and biology of suicidal behaviour’

Rona Strawbridge writes for The Conversation about our recent discoveries – also published in The Independent

David Wechsler Early Career Grant for Innovative Work in Cognition

Congratulations to Dr Donald Lyall on this prestigious award, to conduct his project ‘Cardiometabolic factors, cognitive abilities and brain structure: a Mendelian randomization study’

‘Body clock linked to mood disorders’

BBC coverage of our research on circadian rhythms and mental health – you can listen to Professor Danny Smith discuss this work on Radio 4’s Today programme here (starts at 1:41:14), and first author Dr Laura Lyall explains more about the study in this Lancet Psychiatry podcast

HDR-UKRI Fellowship awarded to Dr Rona Strawbridge

Project will focus on understanding the excess risk of cardiovascular disease in individuals with serious mental illness

Women 'more likely' to suffer winter depression and mood changes

BBC coverage of our research on seasonality of depressive symptoms

Prize-winning research at NHS Research Scotland Mental Health Network meeting

Congratulations to Dr Laura Lyall, who scooped an award for her poster presentation on ‘Seasonality of depressive symptoms in women but not men in the UK Biobank’

‘Research Project of the Year’ nomination in the Herald Higher Education Awards

Congratulations to Jason Gill and colleagues for recognition of UK Biobank project

Cycling to work can cut cancer and heart disease, says study

BBC coverage of our research on active commuting and health outcomes in UK Biobank

JMAS Sim Fellowship awarded to Joey Ward

Project will investigate how genetic risk for neuroticism and mood disorder influence antidepressant response and clinical outcomes

Glasgow University scientists' warning over sugar focus

BBC coverage of our UK Biobank research on the role of sugar in obesity

‘Genetic Epidemiology: do the ends justify the genes?’

IHW researcher Dr Donald Lyall discusses genetics and health at Pint of Science

Lister Prize Fellowship awarded to Professor Danny Smith

Prestigious award will support ongoing research using the UK Biobank resource

Researchers identify genetic associations of neuroticism

Professor Danny Smith on the largest genetic study of a personality trait undertaken to date