Solutions Focussed Research Theme

Solution-focused research

Our vision is to be a world-leading centre of excellence in the development, evaluation and implementation of interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations and to reduce inequalities.

What we do

What we do: 

We bring together expertise from across the Institute in the development, evaluation and implementation of interventions to improve population health nationally and globally.

We promote interdisciplinary research in the following areas:

• Understanding the problem
• Theorising interventions
• Developing and refining interventions
• Evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of interventions
• Using process evaluations to understand how, why and for whom interventions work/do not work
• Post-research implementation and transferability of interventions

 We have a particular interest in novel methods for the development and evaluation of complex interventions, health economics, treatment and prevention, evidence synthesis and systematic reviews.

How we do it: 

To achieve this vision, key priorities include:

• bringing together multidisciplinary teams and facilitating collaboration;
• sharing expertise from within the IHW’s various departments;
• exploiting the IHW’s key areas of expertise;
• utilising cutting edge methodologies;
• developing and sharing novel methods and capacity in behavioural science, health economics, health technology assessment, trials methodology, trials informatics and biostatistics;
• developing early career researchers and postgraduate teaching;
• developing the SPHSU Population Health Research Facility as an Institute resource working in partnership with the Robertson Centre;
• engaging in knowledge exchange, public engagement and co-production activities.

Examples of our work

(i) Research Studies

Exemplar studies led by theme staff and supported by the Robertson Centre and HEHTA:

(ii) Guidance documents

The work of the theme includes authorship of:

(iii) Research Development Groups

We have multidisciplinary research networks working towards solutions focused research. Examples include:

LIFE:TIME - LIFEstyle:Trials Implementation Mechanisms Epidemiology Evaluation

Vision: To develop realistic and sustainable lifestyle interventions for the primary and secondary prevention of chronic diseases, taking account of the wider determinants of health with a programmatic multidisciplinary approach, capitalising on emerging technologies and big data, and focusing on inequalities.


For all enquiries related to the Solutions Focused Research Theme please contact the theme lead, Professor Sharon Simpson

• Email:

• Telephone: 0141 353 7500