Understanding and Improving Health within Settings and Organisations

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Our Understanding and Improving Health within Settings and Organisations programme aims to:

  • understand how settings and organisations influence social position, identity, behaviour, health and wellbeing; and
  • use these understandings to improve the health and wellbeing of people within those settings and organisations.

The settings and organisations in which we live, interact and work, play a part in shaping our social status and identity. As a result, organisational settings have great potential for public health gain. This programme develops settings-based interventions to improve health, and evaluates whether and how they are successful and sustainable. In so doing, we aim to identify the potential for health improvement in key public health areas, such as obesity, premature mortality, mental health and wellbeing and behavioural risk factors.

We integrate sociological, psychological and anthropological science with models of behaviour change and intervention development. We work in settings with almost universal reach at certain life stages (for example, primary schools) and those which can target hard-to-reach, multiply-disadvantaged groups.

Our programme has four workstreams: Educational SettingsProfessional Sports Organisations, Workplaces and Secure Institutions.

We have a strong focus on gender, building on past work in this area. The integration of sociological understanding of gender into the development of settings-based public health interventions informs whether, when and how gender-sensitisation is needed to enhance reach, acceptability and effectiveness.


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