Transdisciplinary Research for the Improvement of Youth Mental Public Health (TRIUMPH) Network

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In today’s society, young people face extraordinary pressures to maintain their mental health. They live in an ever-changing environment, driven by changes in technology, communications and the media. These changes have coincided with an increase in mental health problems amongst young people, especially girls.

The traditional sciences of psychology, psychiatry, and medicine often focus on understanding and solving health problems at the individual level, but many of the risk factors for poor mental health and wellbeing are driven by broader social and environmental influences. A different approach is needed to find solutions to address these risk factors and improve mental health. It is important that this approach takes young people themselves as the starting point to make sure that their voice is heard at every stage of the research process, including when setting research priorities, co-designing interventions, running
trials and disseminating findings.

To achieve this, the Transdisciplinary Research for the Improvement of Youth Mental Public Health (TRIUMPH) Network will bring together young people, health practitioners, policy-makers and those working with voluntary organisations, with academics from across clinical, social sciences, arts and humanities, design, and computer sciences disciplines. We will work together to find new ways to improve mental health and wellbeing, especially among vulnerable and disadvantaged populations where need is greatest.

TRIUMPH is one of eight Mental Health Networks funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

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