Trans and non-binary experiences of sex

A group of nine trans and non-binary people with a range of gender presentations. The characters have various skin tones. Some are wearing glasses and one is holding a long cane. Some are smiling and others have a more neutral facial expression. There are five heart shapes above the people. The hearts have the colours of the a gender, gender fluid, non-binary, transgender and genderqueer flags.

This study aims to increase our understanding of transgender (or trans) and non-binary people’s sexual experiences. We are interested in hearing about good experiences as well as difficulties around sex. It will also look at the relevance of some existing words and definitions related to the topic. We are now looking for participants.

Please get in touch if you:

  • Identify as transgender (including trans, non-binary or having a transsexual history)
  • Are aged 18 years or over
  • Live in the UK
  • Have experience of sexual activity and relationships
  • Can be interviewed.

As of December 2019, we have mainly interviewed trans men and trans masculine people. We want to include a wide range of genders and perspectives. We are now mainly looking to interview trans women and any other trans feminine people. 

Individual interviews will usually last around 1 hour, or a maximum of 2 hours if you have lots to say. Wherever possible, we plan to do face to face interviews. They can take place in your home, the office in central Glasgow or another place in the UK that you and the researcher agree. We can also do telephone or online interviews to support individual communication and access needs.

You can read the full Participant Information Sheet in PDF or Word document formats.

You can also download a poster or flyer for the study.

Please contact George Burrows to find out more.

Call (landline): 0141 353 7500 (extension 7538)

Call or text (mobile): 07912 778 294


Twitter: @TransRels or @theSPHSU


George Burrows (PhD student)

Kirstin Mitchell

Craig Donnachie

Lisa McDaid


Ingrid Young (Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh)

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