Parenting and children’s overweight and obesity

Family eating pizza on a couch

This project examines whether the development of children’s overweight and obesity is influenced by three aspects of parenting: (1) the provision of bedroom TV, (2) an informal main meal setting involving mealtime screen use, and (3) family interaction at mealtimes. There are two related studies. The first study considers explanations for the emergence of, social inequalities in children’s body mass index from age 4 to age 8. It suggests that pathways via bedroom TV and informal meal setting were important in linking mothers’ lower level of education to higher child body mass index trajectory. The second study considers different patterns of child overweight and obesity between the ages of 4 and 10 years. It examines the extent to which variation in bedroom TV provision, mealtime setting and mealtime family interaction are linked to different overweight and obesity trajectories.