Support for mothers and child wellbeing

Two women taking care of a young child

Few studies explore the impact of support for mothers on children’s health and wellbeing. It is not known whether effects extend to a range of health outcomes or vary according to family vulnerability. Underlying mechanisms for effects of support also require investigation.

We will deliver a more detailed understanding of the relationship between maternal support and child health, both regarding the form(s) of maternal support most beneficial for child health, and the extent to which support should be targeted. The findings will be used to inform development of the programme’s social support interventions.

Data from three cohort studies - UK data from Growing up in Scotland, and the Millennium Cohort Study, and US data from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study - will be used to assess effects of various forms and sources of maternal support on child health, and investigate differential effects among vulnerable groups (for example, low income, lone parents, ethnic minority or migrant).

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