Informing National Policy on Parenting Programmes in Uganda

The Oak Foundation has funded a three year collaborative project to build on the Ugandan government’s national family policy and parenting guidelines to provide strategic direction and leadership for the national scaling-up of parenting programmes in Uganda. The project has four main components.

  1. Support the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to compile and maintain a data base of the main parenting interventions being implemented in Uganda. Based on intensive networking, it will focus on large scale programmes that might contribute to the prevention of violence and will detail: the specific intervention (origins, objectives, content, and adaptation), how being implemented (targeting, reach, who delivers) and any evaluation.
  2. Review and summarise the published and grey literature on parent-child relationships in Uganda today, with a particular focus on practices that are protective against, or predictive of, violence, and review the published literature on the effectiveness of parenting interventions being delivered in SSA that might contribute to the prevention of violence. The review will focus on: the most effective components of parenting interventions; the most successful ways of recruiting and retaining parents; the characteristics of facilitators and training needed to optimise delivery; outcomes; and costs.
  3. Network between sectors in Uganda to promote a community of practice, establish a consensus on what parenting work should look like, and advocate for a national strategy of evidence-based parenting work to prevent violence.

Following a needs assessment with a sample of government bodies, NGOs and CBOs, strengthen the capacity of practitioner organisations to design or adapt effective parenting interventions, implement them optimally and evaluate their impact.


Danny Wight

Jamie Lachman


Godfrey Siu, Makerere University
Anne Katahoire, Makerere University
Agnes Wasike, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
Juliet Otto, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
Janet Seeley, MRC/UVRI & LSHTM Uganda Research Unit
Joyce Wanican, AfriChild Centre
Ruth Biyinzika, Private Sector Foundation Uganda
Lydia Nyesigomwe, Parenting in Africa Network

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