If I were Jack: sex education trial

Secondary School classroom with pupils

The UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe. Although the life course for teenage parents is not universally negative, unintended teenage pregnancy can lead to adverse health, social and economic costs for teenagers, their families and society. High quality RSE may help reduce unintended pregnancy, and research indicates effective RSE is theoretically-based, gender-sensitive, interactive, and involves parents.

If I were Jack (IIWJ) intervention is designed to meet the much neglected pregnancy education needs of teenage boys while also being inclusive of young women, and involves: an interactive film based around a hypothetical unintended teenage pregnancy scenario which invites pupils to put themselves in Jack’s situation and consider how they would feel and what they would do if they were Jack; classroom materials for teachers containing detailed lesson plans with specific classroom-based and homework activities designed to build pupils’ skills to obtain necessary information, and develop communication skills with peers and trusted adults; a ninety-minute training session for teachers implementing the intervention; two short animated films to engage parents/guardians and help/encourage them to have a conversation with their teenager about avoiding unintended pregnancy.

Click on the link below to read more about If I were Jack intervention, feasibility trial and transferability study. 

If I were Jack is funded by the National Institute for Health Research.


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