TIDieR-PHP: a reporting guideline for population health and policy interventions

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TIDieR-PHP intends to provide clear reporting guidelines for population health and policy (PHP) interventions such as tobacco or alcohol regulation, food and beverage taxes, health service reorganisation, changes in welfare systems, and housing and neighbourhood improvement schemes. As with clinical interventions, improved reporting of intervention characteristics should allow an improved understanding of the mechanisms by which an intervention works, how and why its impacts vary, and greater insight into what works for whom, in what circumstances and why.

Inadequate descriptions of interventions are a major source of waste in health research. The original Template for Intervention Description and Replication (TIDieR) sought to improve the way clinical, social and psychological interventions are described by providing a checklist on what should be covered when reporting evaluation studies. Many population health and policy have characteristics which do not fit well within the existing TIDieR framework, but which are important factors in influencing the implementation and success of such interventions. For example, policy makers need a detailed description of the intervention to allow them to interpret the intervention in relation to the specifics of their particular situation.

The original TIDieR guideline was adapted to develop draft TIDieR-PHP checklist items suitable for population health and policy interventions. A Delphi consensus survey was used in the form of a series of online questionnaires to gain consensus of experts. Through two rounds of the Delphi online survey, the draft TIDieR-PHP items have been revised. The survey questions gathered opinions on the content of the list of items to prompt users to clearly describe population health and policy interventions. The anonymous opinions of all those consulted in the first round of the survey were summarised and fed back to the participants for further comment. Through revising the reporting items in relation to the opinions of experts, consensus on the content of the guidelines was reached.

The TIDieR-PHP reporting guideline has been finalised and an explanation and elaboration can be read here.

The TIDieR-PHP project has been registered with the Enhancing the Quality and Transparency of Health Research (EQUATOR) Network, which provides a database of reporting guidelines in development.



Tammy Hoffmann, Bond University
Rebecca Armstrong, University of Melbourne
Elizabeth Waters, University of Melbourne

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