Salutogenic and Equigenic Urban Environments

Postdamer Platz in Berlin. 1400 pixels

The EU's Urban Audit includes a detailed survey of what residents of European cities think about their urban environments, their fellow residents and their lives in general. The survey covers a very large number of Europe's urban areas, allowing us to see how opinions vary from place to place and country to country. Since the survey is also repeatedly carried out over time, it is possible to look at how attitudes to, and satisfaction with, different aspects of urban living change. We are using some of this data to examine which aspects of a city's environment are most important in determining how satisfied residents are with it, and how this varies by age, gender and socio-economic situation.

We are also interested in understanding what kinds of city environments seem to lead to the smallest socio-economic inequalities in satisfactions among residents, both with their city and with their lives in general. By combining the survey data with objectively measured data about each city's urban form, we are also able to examine whether the physical fabric of the city is related to how satisfied residents are with living in it.

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