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The internet can be effective in influencing behaviour and reaching large numbers of people. App and web-based interventions therefore have the potential to bring about behaviour change at a low cost. Research has shown that goal setting, self-monitoring and social support are three key facilitators of behaviour change.

The HelpMeDoIt! intervention incorporates these features for delivery via smartphone app and website. The overall aim was to test the feasibility of the intervention in supporting adults with obesity to achieve weight loss goals.

The study was completed in February 2018 and our findings will be published in 2019. Read our published protocol paper.

Find out more about the HelpMeDoIt! study. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. If you would like further information, please contact our Trial Administrator, Olga, on or 0141 353 7629.

The study is funded by the National Institute of Health Research.


Core study team 

Principal Investigator: Sharon Simpson

Trial Manager: Lynsay Matthews

Research Associate: Juliana Pugmire

Trial Administrator: Olga Utkina-Macaskill

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