Current doctoral students

Details of our current doctoral students can be found below.



A Alkhatib, Ahmad
The relationship between physical characteristics of neighbourhoods on the physical and mental health of the residents in the twin city of Ramallah and al-Bireh, in the occupied Palestinian territory.
  Anderson, Martin
What contextual factors are critical in transferring programmes between substantially different settings? Evaluating the implementation of the San Patrignano recovery model in Scotland.
B Barrett, Simon
How people's own upbringing influences their subsequent parenting practices: a mixed method study of vulnerable mothers and/or their partners; to complement the THRIVE trial.
  Baxter, Andrew
Why are the rates of teenage pregnancy falling?
  Bonello, Bernardette
Developing a lifestyle intervention to prevent and reduce obesity among young, pregnant and postpartum women using social networks.
  Bosó Pérez, Raquel
What do young people understand by ‘sexual wellbeing’ and how do they seek to attain it?
  Burnett, Hannah
Does gaining, changing or losing green space in the city affect community mental health? With a specific focus on deprived communities.
  Burrows, George
Identifying factors influencing sexual health and wellbeing among transgender adults in Scotland.
C Cassidy, Aidan
Investigating parenting and health behaviours in adolescence in an ethnically diverse sample.
  Chalmers, Natalie
Developing a lifestyle intervention for adults with bipolar disorder.
  Chueca Del Cerro, Cristina
Political Polarization and Violence around Independence Movements in Online and Offline Social Networks.
  Collins, Hilllary
Maternal perceptions of media presentations of the `science of parenting' and the impact of this on their wellbeing.
F Fanous, Nadia
Intended and unintended consequences of graphic health warning labels: Exploring adolescents’ perceptions in the UK and Qatar
  Ferguson, Karl D
Application of Diagrammatic Causal Inference Methods to Complex Systems Sociology: A Longitudinal Analysis of Alcohol Harm in Adolescents.
  Friel, Catherine
Nutrition-related Foetal Programming and Mental Health Outcomes in Offspring: a Social Perspective.
G Gauci, Dorothy
Health inequalities in Malta.
I Inyang, Elizabeth
Applying Systems Thinking methods to research on Female Genital Mutilation
L Lalloo, Drushca
Understanding the relationship between occupation and health outcomes in UK Biobank participants.
M McCabe, Ronan
Health impact of welfare reform in Scotland
  Machray, Kathryn
Food insecurity and health inequalities.
  MacNeill, Ian
The role of professional sports organisations in reducing youth recidivism: an evaluation of initiatives led by Everton in the Community.
  Marzetti, Hazel
Understanding young LGBT+ people's suicidal thoughts and behaviours in Scotland.
  Milicev, Jelena
Using social network analysis to understand social support, wellbeing and academic progress of postgraduate researchers.
  Moran, Jessica
Evaluating prison services delivered by Early Years Scotland.
O Okon, Marian
The association between oil economy, national development and population health.
P Phipps, Rebecca
Fathers’ experiences of adjusting to life following partner bereavement.
  Pulford, Andrew
Assessing the causal effects of precarious employment on health through linked administrative data.
  Purba, Amrit
Social media use in young people: what are the consequences for health, wellbeing and inequalities?
R Robertson, Elaine
Parenting and childcare in the early years: Barriers, supports & consequences for child health inequalities in Scotland.
  Rush, Lynne
Are antimicrobial resistance and sepsis awareness competing goals?
S Shimonovich, Michal
Evidence synthesis for establishing causality in population health
  Smith, Marissa
Understanding  the role of evidence in e-cigarette regulation and policy development.
  Stanton, Alasdair
Complexity in International Negotiation
T Tay Wee Teck, Joseph
What is the feasibility of applying deliberative approaches in older drug user health research and policy.
Thomson, Meigan
Understanding the barriers and facilitators contributing to weight loss success and failure in adults taking part in lifestyle weight management interventions.
Thomson, Rachel
Predicting the impacts of universal basic income on mental health inequalities in the UK population: a microsimulation model
 W Wilson-Lowe, Rachel
Abortion in practice: reducing stigma in women’s sexual and reproductive healthcare.
  Woods-Brown, Clair
The transformative nature of food: an examination of how food could be used in women’s prisons to bring about better offender outcomes.
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