Participant studies

Participant studies

Many of the programmes in the Unit use data collected through a number of participant studies. These studies involve volunteers who provide information about themselves relating to their health, background, education and many other factors. These data are then collated and analysed by researchers in order to extract interesting and useful information.

Volunteers who take part in participant studies are valuable partners in the Unit’s research, and to keep them informed about the study in which they are involved the Unit hosts individual websites for each participant study. These can be reached by using the menu below (or above right).

As well as information for study participants, these websites set out how other researchers can use the data we have collected. Within the Unit we are committed to maximizing the use of publicly-funded data to advance knowledge about how to improve human health and welcome proposals for collaborative projects and data sharing. We have developed a data sharing policy for all Unit studies with the aim of making data as widely and freely available as possible to bona fide researchers while safeguarding the privacy of participants, protecting confidential data, and maintaining the reputation of the study.

The criteria and process for accessing data varies according to each study’s specific characteristics and further information on how to access specific study data is found on each individual study website below.

List of Studies

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