1st August 2019

Distributional consequences of including survivor costs in economic evaluations Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS)

Professor William Padula, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics, University of Southern California School of Pharmacy


7th March

Using qualitative research to improve economic evaluation: exploring capability across the life course. Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS)

Professor Joanna Coast, Professor in the Economics of Health and Care, University of Bristol 



7th February

Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS) "Distributional consequences of including survivor costs in economic evaluations"

Dr Pieter van Baal, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam 


17th January 

Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS) " Supporting local government decision makers to tackle childhood obesity"

Dr Emma Frew, Reader in Health Economics, University of Birmingham



10th December

Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS) - Mapping the PedsQLTM onto the CHU9D: Assessing the external validity of existing mapping algorithms in disparate sub-groups

Christine Mpundu-Kaambwa, PhD Student, Health Economics Institute for choice, University of South Australia


22nd November 

Caroline Rick 

"Patient, carer and public involvement in trials"


7th November

Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS) - Dr Manuela Deidda

"A framework for conducting economic evaluations alongside natural experiments"

Internationally, policy makers are increasingly focussed on reducing the detrimental consequences and rising costs associated with unhealthy diets, inactivity, smoking, alcohol and other risk factors on the health of their populations. This has led to an increase in the demand for evidence-based, cost-effective Population Health Interventions (PHIs) to reverse this trend. Given that research designs such as randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are often not suited to the evaluation of PHIs, Natural Experiments (NEs) are now frequently being used as a design to evaluate such complex, preventive PHIs. However, current guidance for economic evaluation focusses on RCT designs and therefore does not address the specific challenges of NE designs. Using such guidance can lead to sub-optimal design, data collection and analysis for NEs, leading to bias in the estimated effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the PHI. As a consequence, there is a growing recognition of the need to identify a robust methodological framework for the design and conducting of economic evaluations alongside such NEs. This paper outlines the challenges inherent to the design and conduct of economic evaluations of PHIs alongside NEs, providing a comprehensive framework and outlining a research agenda in this area


19th October 

Professor Mike Drummond 

"How Do You Maximize the Chances of Your Paper Being Published?"

 A major activity of health service researchers is the publication of their research in peer-reviewed journals.  There is a myriad of journals with different requirements, but little is known about the ways in which journals interpret their requirements and the criteria that submissions should meet in order to be accepted. Value in Health is an established health services research journal, receiving around 1000 submissions per year, with an impact factor of 5.49. In this seminar, one of the Editors in-Chief of Value in Health will share a few thoughts on the criteria the journal uses to assess papers and the key features of the assessment process that potential authors should be aware of. There will be ample opportunity to discuss how these decision processes can be improved in the future.

Mike Drummond Seminar slides


23 August 2018

Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS) - Dr Jeremy A Lauer

"The longest-lasting, most popular, and yet most thoroughly discredited idea in the history of modern public policy."  


13th June 

 Dr Julia Frost

"Mapping Elements over time"


20 March 

Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS) - Dr Itamar Megiddo

"Agent Based Modelling for economic evaluation: analyses using data from India"



7 October 

Jeremey Teoh

"What I have learned from HEHTA as a urologist"


4 September

Nick Latimer

"Adjusting treatment switching in clinical trials"


20 April  

20 March 

Matthew Franklin

"Economic Evaluations Alongside Efficient Study Designs Using Large Observational Datasets: the PLEASANT Trial Case Study"


24 February 

Eddie Blair, Managing Director of Integrated Medicines Ltd. 

'Beyond economic value : putting patients at the centre of precision medicine' ties in well with HEHTA's newest research theme, Economics of Precision Medicine.




15 November 

Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series (GhESS) - ‌Dr Hareth Al-Janabi

"Including carers' quality of life in economic evaluation"