Remit and Governance

Extract: The Scottish Parliament; Motions, Questions and Answers, December 2018.

The Scottish Government continues to support a replacement of University Hospital Monklands, to provide modern health facilities and a range of specialist services for the benefit of patients across Lanarkshire and those living with the Monklands catchment area. Jeanne Freeman, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, has asked The Director General for Health and Social Care and Chief Executive of NHS Scotland to establish a review to provide the Government with an independent assessment of the process followed by NHS Lanarkshire in consideration of the replacement for University Hospital Monklands.

The Terms of the Reference are to:

Provide an independent assessment of the process followed by NHS Lanarkshire to address:

The concerns raised by elected representatives and local  people about the quality of the option appraisal process and the wider engagement and consultation undertaken by the Board, and, in particular;

  • Assess the quality of the information and analysis undertaken by the Board, and the robustness and accuracy of the evidence which informed the options appraisal process;
  • Provide advice as to whether the Board’s process was fully in line with best practice and meaningfully informed at all relevant stages by the views of stakeholders, and to;
  • Submit a report and recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport by the end of February 2019, with initial findings to DG Health and Social Care by 15 February 2019.*   The recommendations should set out a clear set of actions to be implemented by NHS Lanarkshire in order to progress plans for the redevelopment of University Hospital Monklands, and may include any wider observations on the NHS Scotland consultation process more generally.

 *Addendum: In the update to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, February 2019, the Review have advised that their report will be submitted to Ms Freeman by the end of May 2019.

 The Independent Review will adhere to the governance policies and procedures of the University of Glasgow