Mental health

Deep End Report 22 summarises a roundtable discussion reviewing the challenges of addressing mental health problems in very deprived areas.

REPORT 22 Mental health issues in the Deep End (April 2014)
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Deep End Report 26 summarises a follow up roundtable session involving Deep End GPs and mental health colleagues working with children and adults in secondary care.

REPORT 26 Generalist and specialist views of mental health issues in very deprived areas (December 2014)
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A video presentation is available of Professor Graham Watt presenting the above two reports to a conference of Scottish mental health colleagues in March 2014.

Improving physical health outcomes of those with severe and enduring mental health problems: learning exchange Professor Graham Watt, Conference on Mental Health arranged by the Scottish Government Health Department, Thistle Hotel, Glasgow, Wednesday 04 March 2015

Mr Billy Watson, CEO of the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) gave a presentation to the 3rd National Deep End Conference in November 2015, reviewing the potential for collaboration between Deep End practices and mental health services in the Third Sector.

The third sector and the Deep End (Powerpoint) Mr Billy Watson

In 2016 two Deep End responses were submitted to the Scottish Government, commenting on drafts of its Mental Health Strategy.

Deep End response to the Scottish Government's draft Mental Health Strategy

A study of frequent attenders at Govan Health Centre in 2014 showed that of the 10% of patients accounting for 30% of GP encounters, 50% were taking antidepressant medication and 21% had been referred to mental health services

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