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To support collaboration across the Institute of Health and Wellbeing the Data Science Executive Group have developed a data science moodle site which contains shared resources and information to support data science research. The site includes completed Public Benefit and Privacy Panel applications, methodological papers, training resources and a syntax repository.

Staff in the Institute for Health and Wellbeing can access the Data Science Moodle. To request enrollment please contact the IHW Administration team.


New article available from the International Journal of Population Data Science

‘Data Resource: the Kent Integrated Dataset (KID)’ 

Lewer D, Bourne T, George A, Abi-Aad G, Taylor C, George J

Introduction: Electronic healthcare records from the UK are accessible to researchers via several platforms, but these platforms typically include data from a limited subset of health and care services. The Kent Integrated Dataset (KID) provides insight into system-wide health and care utilisation for the whole population of Kent and Medway

Processes: The KID uses pseudonymisation-at-source to link patient-level records from services including general practices, hospitals, community health services and social care. Data is refreshed monthly and processes to monitor data quality have been developed.

Data contents: For each episode of care, the KID includes date of the episode, the type of service accessed, the cost of the episode and clinical information such as the health condition being treated and results of diagnostic tests. The dataset also includes contextual information such as the neighbourhood deprivation.

Conclusions: The KID is a unique and rich dataset available to researchers who are investigating a broad range of public health questions. It provides system-level insight into patient journeys and care utilisation and supports commissioning based on patient needs

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