Data Science: Using routine administrative data and record linkage for research

Our vision

To build on our international reputation for excellence in using routine data to support intervention studies, to evaluate public health, for epidemiology and to explore health inequalities amongst others.

We envisage a world in which informatics is not a stand-alone endeavour but rather integral to, and fully integrated with, research, practice and policy. 

Health data should:

  • be collected as an automated, by-product of healthcare and public health delivery
  • include the capture of patient reported outcomes (PROs)
  • be collected once but used by many for many purposes, and
  • be discoverable, accessible and analysable within appropriate timeframes, including real-time access as part of clinical decision-making

Informatics has the potential to transform research by enabling us to:

  • do what is currently possible but with greater efficiency and value for money, and at higher scale and speed, and   
  • do things not previously possible

Informatics-based research, in turn, can transform healthcare and health through elucidation of disease mechanisms, identification of new drug targets, repurposing of existing drugs, and better targeting of drugs and other interventions