Research podcasts

Research podcasts

Helen Minnis and Lisa Dinkler discuss their paper "Maltreatment-associated neurodevelopmental disorders" which found that abused and neglected children are more likely to have neurodevelopmental problems such as ADHD, and that these problems are not caused by the maltreatment.

Professor Helen Minnis Maltreatment-associated neurodevelopmental disorders

Professor Colin McCowan talks about Institute of Health and Wellbeing's research in the area of data science, using routine administrative data and record linkage for research

Professor Colin McCowan, Data Science

Professor Daniel Smith talks about his research on mental health 

Professor Daniel Smith, Mental Health Research

Professor Emma McIntosh talks about health economics research within Institute of Health and Wellbeing

Professor Emma McIntosh, HEHTA Research

PhD student Ruth Agbakoba talks about her research into the implementation of digital technologies and services on a large national scale

Miss Ruth Agbakoba

Dr Gwen Allardice talks about her work analysing cancer survival statistics and looking for inequalities

Dr Gwen Allardice

Dr Jana Anderson talks about her research into the link between diet and health and disease

Dr Jana Anderson

Dr Michael Fleming describes his PhD research looking at children with chronic ill health and how it impacts on educational and health outcomes.

Mr Michael Fleming

Dr Nicholas Graham talks about his PhD research looking at the relationship between mood disorders and blood pressure

Mr Nick Graham

Professor Andrew Jahoda describes his research work adapting psychological therapies for people with learning disabilities, and looking at the impact of stigma on people with learning disabilities

Prof Andrew Jahoda

Dr Oliva Kirtley describes her research in the area of suicide and self-harm

Dr Olivia Kirtley

Dr Donald Lyall talks about his research into the epidemiology of ageing, looking particularly at chronic diseases, mood disorders, and mental decline

Dr Donald Lyall

Professor Laurence Moore describes his research aimed at reducing health inequalities

Prof Laurence Moore 

Dr Lisa O'Leary talks about her research aimed at promoting health equalities for people with learning disabilities

Dr Lisa O'Leary

Professor Daniel Smith describes his research focussing on understanding bipolar disorder, identifying genetic and non-genetic risk factors, and the overlap between major mental health illness and cardiometabolic diseases

Prof Daniel Smith

Dr Andrea Williamson (Senior Clinical University Lecturer) talks about her research on serial missed appointments in the NHS.

Dr Andrea Williamson