Research podcasts and seminars

Research podcasts and seminars

Dr David McAllistair and Professor Harish Nair presented a seminar in January 2017, due to embargo restrictions we can only now release the video of their presentation

Watch the presentation here 


Modelling disease burden from multiple data sources.

For the majority of low and middle income countries, incidence data has not been collected for a range of important diseases. As such in order to support policy-makers, estimates of disease incidence are needed.  I will describe one approach we developed where we combined (1) data on the prevalence of risk factors from national surveys, along with (2) estimates of the relationship between these risk factors and disease incidence as well as (3) regional-level incidence data in order to produce country-level estimates of disease incidence. These incidence estimates included upper and lower bounds, intended to communicate the inherent uncertainty in such modelling.

Burden of disease from RSV and prospects for prevention through vaccination

This talk will be in 3 parts. First, Harish Nair will present the global RSV disease burden estimates in young children for 2015 followed by David McAllister who will present methods for estimating RSV incidence at national level. Finally, Harish will talk about long term sequelae of RSV disease in infants, and the RSV vaccines that are in advanced stages of clinical development.