Robertson Centre for Biostatistics: COVID-19 activities

The Robertson Centre for Biostatistics (RCB) is playing an active role in supporting a range of COVID-19 related research.

For Professor Colin Berry’s study investigating whether COVID-19 causes longer-term heart damage, we are providing the eCRF, data management, statistical analysis and research fellow support, and our ECG Core Lab (based at Glasgow Royal Infirmary) is managing the ECG components of the study. We are providing technical support for Professor Jill Pell to analyse data in the Glasgow SafeHaven to inform the Health Board’s strategy on COVID-19 ‘shielding’. The RCB team has also created several UK national registries (supported by the British Cardiovascular Society) to capture cardiovascular complications and interventions associated with COVID-19, and Dr Pierpaolo Pellicori (Clinical Senior Lecturer) is leading a Cochrane Rapid Review on cardiovascular complications of COVID-19. The results of several other research applications are awaited.

Professor John Cleland (Director) and Dr Pellicori have authored several publications relating to COVID-19, including editorials and position papers in the European Journal of Heart Failure and the European Heart Journal (see below).

RCB staff have also been pleased to play a role in making the Lighthouse Laboratory in Glasgow fully operational. Thanks are due particularly to Claire Brunton (Projects Administrator) who is supporting the co-ordination of its operating procedures and organising the training records for its staff and volunteers. Claire has been supported by Alan Stevenson (Senior Application Programmer) and David Cowan (IT Support Officer), who have provided excellent IT and Web assistance.

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First published: 19 May 2020

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