Glasgow Knowledge Exchange Fund

Glasgow Knowledge Exchange Fund

Call Now Open

The University allocates funding to support knowledge activities across the campus through the Glasgow Knowledge Exchange (GKE) Fund; we now invite applications for knowledge exchange activity to be submitted by 9.00am on Monday 16th July.

The University has been investing in knowledge exchange activity through the GKE fund since 2012. Over that time, many exciting and innovative projects have been funded to meet the scheme’s aims:

  • To support an informed and collaborative approach to the development, implementation, adoption and exploitation of research outcomes, including technologies, processes, evidence-based policy, community impact or creative outputs;
  • To support researchers to build sustained and strategic relationships of co-creation and knowledge exchange with non-academic partners, including, for example, laying the groundwork for applications to collaborative schemes such as Horizon2020 or Innovate UK, or helping to leverage funds from the private sector, Government Departments, Innovation Centres, Catapults and other regional development funds;
  • To provide early-stage investment in technologies destined for commercialisation (i.e. technical proof of concept and commercial proof of market)  to support the  de-risking of these opportunities;
  • To support community and public engagement initiatives, locally and globally, underpinned by research, to drive mutually beneficial interactions around research and the creation of strong, well-evidenced impact;
  • To nurture a sustainable pipeline of new impact case studies and success stories from across the University.

For 2018/19, the scheme will offer two streams of funding:

  • The GKE Small Grants Fund, for applications for less than £2,000; and
  • The GKE Flexible Fund, for applications for grants of £2,000-£30,000.

GKE Small Grants applications will be accepted at any time and reviewed at the end of the month in which they are submitted, but GKE Flexible Fund applications are invited to be submitted by 9.00am on Monday 16th July.

A second round of GKE Flexible Fund applications will be invited for submission in November.  Details will be issued in due course.

Please note that any KE funds awarded during 2018/19 should be spent within that financial year, i.e. by 31st July 2019.  Only in exceptional circumstances will it be possible to carry funds forward into the next financial year.

KE Fund holders should submit a report within 4 weeks of the conclusion of the project.  A report template will be sent to all successful candidates.

For more information about the scheme, please visit the RSIO webpages here

First published: 21 June 2018

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