Institute of Health and Wellbeing map of International Activities

Institute of Health and Wellbeing map of International Activities

Institute International lead:  Dr Vittal Katikireddi

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Internationalisation is now at the centre of all our research and teaching activities across the University. This activity map has been developed to communicate international relationships past and present across the Institute, to enable us to better understand and, where appropriate, expand upon existing relationships. Use the categories highlighted to filter only the information you wish to review, or simply click on any of the pins on the map to reveal the information contained within it. To zoom in or out on the map click the + or – buttons on the top left of the map. Or, use the scroll wheel on your mouse (left hand click and hold then scroll). To navigate across the map left click and hold your mouse button drag the map to suit

Click here to log on using your GUID. Once log in is completed you will be able to add new activities, review your existing activities or return to the map. The more information entered into the map, both from the point of view of the detail of the information and the number of activities added, the more useful it will become. Although all links are relevant, priority should be given to existing relationships, whether formal or informal. When you log out, your activity will appear on the map.

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