How IHW makes an impact

How IHW makes an impact

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The Institute’s mission is to provide robust and timely evidence to inform policies and practices that will improve population health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities. Making a difference is embedded in everything we do.

Professor Jill Pell
Director, Institute of Health and Wellbeing

Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe Institute of Health and Wellbeing’s Public Engagement (PE) and Knowledge Exchange (KE) strategy is to encourage, support and build capacity for activities to share our research with the policymakers, practitioners, other scientists and the public. It is an obligation and a right to share and to have access to beneficial knowledge.

We don’t see public engagement and knowledge exchange as a separate strand of our activities. Rather they are integral to everything we do in our research and our teaching.

Not everyone needs to, or can, do everything. IHW members and associates are encouraged to be aware of public engagement and knowledge exchange opportunities and undertake the ones that suit you and your research.

Be inspired!

Institute Champion and Convenor of KE/PE and Impact:  Dr Sara MacDonald, General Practice and Primary Care

  • Our Strategy explains what PE and KE are and why we think they are important
  • Read case studies of some of our PE and KE activities
  • We have also compiled a list of resources for getting started with public engagement