Guidelines and policies

IHW working on public holidays guideline

The aim of these guidelines is to allow flexibility of working, with anticipated benefits for both individuals (improved work-life balance/management of caring responsibilities, increased sense of wellbeing in the workplace, reduced stress) and teams or units (increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, a positive workforce, improved staff retention).

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There is however a guiding and overriding principle that this flexibility should be achieved without adverse effect on the overall efficiency of units.


These guidelines explain how staff may request to work on certain public holidays and take equivalent time off during the normal working week.

Staff to whom it applies

Requests can be made by IHW staff, all grades and job families. In all cases approval will be dependent on a management review, based on operational requirements.

Included days

Good Friday
Easter Monday
May Day
Spring Bank Holiday
Glasgow Fair Monday


Staff should request approval in writing from their line manager, to work on part or all of the specified public holiday. If approved, the staff member will be permitted to take time off following agreement (in writing) with their line manager, which may be better suited to their circumstances and commitments. Requests and approvals should be kept locally by the line manager, there is no facility to record on HRCore. The line manager’s decision is final.


There will be no additional payment/overtime for working on a public holiday under the terms of these guidelines. The only option is to take the time back.

Lone working

Staff who choose to work public holidays are likely to find themselves working alone for all or part of the time. Anyone planning to do so should ensure that they are familiar with University of Glasgow’s lone working policy, and any local policies and procedures related to working alone on their unit premises. 

Staff who operate under this guidance must make themselves fully aware of the opening and locking up procedures at their local site. 

Approved by IHW executive group
First approved August 2018
Next review August 2021