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    David Ross was commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1983 and graduated in medicine from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London in 1986. In 2012 he was appointed the Army’s Parkes Professor of Preventive Medicine and in 2014 an Honorary Queen’s Physician. His major academic interests to date have focused on Health Protection, Travel Medicine, Infectious Diseases Research, Child Public Health and Medical Education. In 2009 he led an anonymous blood borne sero-survey of all new recruits (15,000) to the Armed Forces, which resulted in the MoD being the first UK non-health employer to offer universal hepatitis B immunisation. He has led Medical Force Protection Audits in Afghanistan across the whole area of operations in 2009 and 2010 and led the Defence Medical Services Public Health response to the international Ebola crisis in 2015/16. David is Deputy Chief Examiner of the Diploma in Medical Care of Catastrophes at the Society of Apothecaries, Director of Education at the Faculty of Travel Medicine, Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Glasgow and an examiner at the UK Faculty of Public Health. Additionally, he is the Consultant Medical Adviser to MASTA, a travel medicine provider.

    He is now, in conjunction with the University of Glasgow, leading a 3 year research project on the psychosocial implications for women serving in Ground and Close Combat roles in the Armed Forces.

    David is married with two children who still occupy a large amount of his time outside work. Other interests in addition to travel include good food and wine and sport (sadly mainly in an armchair capacity now!)