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  • Al Bulushi Naeema (Public Health)
    Implementation of Clinical Guidelines Relating to Examination for Oral Cancer.
  • Alkhatib Ahmad (Social&Public Health Scis)
    The environmental factors influencing mental and physical health in the urban setting in Palestine
  • Almajed Hanan (Public Health)
    Patterns in female breast cancer among the population of Kuwait 1999-2013
  • Anopa Yulia (Health Economics)
    Economics of primary caries prevention in pre-school children
  • Aunjitsakul Warut (Psychological Medicine)
    Understanding the maintenance mechanisms of social anxiety disorder in people with psychosis.
  • Bouttell Janet (Health & Wellbeing (staff))
    Methods of early health technology assessment in precision medicine
  • Burnett Hannah (Social&Public Health Scis)
    Does gaining, changing or losing green space in the city affect community mental health? With a specific focus on deprived communities.
  • Campbell Thomas (Clin Psychology)
  • Dunn Kirsty (Health Sciences)
    .The mental health and wellbeing of fathers with a son or daughter with intellectual disabilities: A mixed methods approach
  • Field Ryan (Public Health)
  • Foster Hamish (General Pract & Prim Care)
    Understanding interactions between lifestyle and deprivation
  • Gatting Lauren (Psychological Medicine)
  • Gayatri Aghnaa (General Practice)
    Delivery of Primary Care for Long-term Conditions in Rural Indonesia
  • Graham Nicholas (PhD Psychiatry)
    Epidemiological and Genetic Investigations of Bipolar Spectrum and Hypertension
  • Heggie Robert (PhD Health economics and he...)
    Implementation alongside cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Hsieh Ping Hsuan (Health Economics)
    Burden of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Igelström Erik (Social&Public Health Scis)
    Applying novel causal inference methods to public health
  • Johnston Keira (General Pract & Prim Care)
    MRC DTP Precision Medicine
  • Kumluang Suthasinee (PhD Health economics and he...)
    Development of an economic model for predicting risks
  • Lalloo Drushca (Public Health)
    Understanding the relationship between occupation and health outcomes in UK Biobank participants.
  • Leake Rhiannon (Psychological Medicine)
    “For the ‘Gram”: Investigating the role of social media.
  • Leslie Kirstin (Public Health)
    Adherence to cardiovascular medication across Scotland
  • Machray Kathryn (Public Health)
  • McLaren Jessica (Clin Psychology)
  • McMeekin Nicola (Health & Wellbeing (staff))
    Can conceptual modelling methodology from other disciplines inform conceptual modelling methodology in economic evaluations of healthcare?
  • McNab Duncan (General Practice)
    An exploratory study of the application of Resilience Engineering principles and methods to improving the safety of test results handling systems within primary care
  • Milicev Jelena (Social&Public Health Scis)
    Using social network analysis to understand social support, wellbeing and academic progress of postgraduate researchers - a mixed method approach
  • Moore Fhionna (Clin Psychology)
  • Ntuk Uduakobong Efanga (Public Health)
    Ethnicity, Lifestyle and diabetes: Studies from UK Biobank
  • Okon Marian (Public Health)
    The role of environmental pollution in urban and rural health inequalities in Nigeria
  • Pappa Aikaterini (Psychological Medicine)
    'Development and evaluation of a novel treatment intervention for people with acquired brain injury'
  • Parra Soto Solange Liliana (Public Health)
    Modifiable and genetic risk factors of Cancer mortality
  • Petermann Rocha Fanny (Public Health)
    Contribution of modifiable risk factors towards a healthy ageing
  • Quinn Anna (Clin Psychology)
  • Reid Patrice Anika (Psychological Medicine)
  • Rose Alexandra (Psychological Medicine)
    The assessment of mood and wellbeing in severe brain injury
  • Rutherford Katie (Psychological Medicine)
  • Sangha Natasha (Psychological Medicine)
  • Scobie Hannah (Psychological Medicine)
    Understanding public perceptions of the early detection of lung cancer
  • Shimonovich Michal (Social&Public Health Scis)
    Evidence synthesis for establishing causality in population health
  • Smith Marissa (Social&Public Health Scis)
    Understanding the role of evidence in e-cigarette regulation and policy development
  • Stanciu Ioana (Public Health)
  • Tank Rachana (Public Health)
    Understanding associations between cardiometabolic and brain health using Mendelian randomization in UK Biobank
  • Tunprasert Dararat (Public Health)
  • Warrilow Adele (Public Health)
    Development of a global neurodevelopment risk
  • Wei Lili (Public Health)
    Use clinical trials and routine health care data
  • Wu Simin (General Practice)
    Implications of chronic pain as a comorbidity with a focus on cardiometabolic disease
  • Xing Rong (Psychological Medicine)
  • Zhang Lisong (PhD Health economics and he...)
    Tracking is not enough: a user-friendly platform of wearable
  • Zhu Xingxing (PhD Mental Health)
    Phenotypic and genetic associations between anhedonia, brain structure and brain function

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