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  • Al Bulushi, Naeema (Public Health)
    Implementation of Clinical Guidelines Relating to Examination for Oral Cancer.
  • Alhaleel, Azari (Public Health)
    Implementing a national accreditation programme in Kuwaiti hospitals: Understanding the impact, challenges and barriers using a multiple methods approach
  • ALHENAIDI, ABDULAZIZ (Public Health)
  • Almajed, Hanan (Public Health)
    Patterns in female breast cancer among the population of Kuwait 1999-2013
  • Alsalem, Gheed (Public Health)
    Patient safety culture in the Kuwaiti health system
  • Anopa, Yulia (Health Economics)
    Evaluation of childsmile programme
  • Ciminata, Giorgio (Health Economics)
    New oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation
  • Cleare, Seonaid (Psychological Medicine)
    Self-compassion, psychology self compassion and suicidality
  • Cullen, Breda (Psychological Medicine)
    Cognitive Function in People with Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders in UK Biobank
  • Curnock, Esther Louise (Public Health)
  • Dare, Shadrach (Public Health)
    A Retrospective cohort study of the risk factors for neonatal sepsis and other pregnancy related adverse outcomes in Ghana
  • Ferguson, Karl (Social&Public Health Scis)
    Diagram based analysis of Causal Systems for understanding the causes of alcohol problems.
  • Gayatri, Aghnaa (General Practice)
    Delivery of Primary Care for Long-term Conditions in Rural Indonesia
  • Gebrye, Tadesse Hailemariam (Health Economics)
    Modelling and cost-effectiveness analysis of lifestyle or metformin intervention in managing a newly disgnosed adult type 2 diabetes patients in Ethiopia
  • Graham, Nicholas (PhD Psychiatry)
    Epidemiological and Genetic Investigations of Bipolar Spectrum and Hypertension
  • Habib, Abdullah (PhD Psychiatry)
    Using neurostimulation to enhance working memory in individuals with Autism spectrum disorder.
  • Hamilton, Ian (General Practice)
    An exploration of spiritual care in healthcare settings.
  • Hilton Boon, Michele (Public Health)
    Natural experimental approaches to evaluating population health interventions
  • Homes, Amy (Clin Psychology)
  • Julyan, Tom (Psychological Medicine)
    Characteristics and consequences of antenatal exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • Kainth, Gurpreet (Health Sciences)
  • Kohli-Lynch, Ciaran (Health Economics)
    Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in disadvantaged populations: a comparison of modelling methods in the UK and the US
  • Leelahavarong, Pattara (Health Economics)
    Development of an alcohol intervention model for predicting helathcare costs, life years, qulaity-adjusted life years and using for economic evaluation
  • McNab, Duncan (General Practice)
    An exploratory study of the application of Resilience Engineering principles and methods to improving the safety of test results handling systems within primary care
  • Moultrie, Christopher (Public Health)
    Process and demand mapping for emergency and transport medicine.
  • Ntuk, Uduakobong Efanga (Public Health)
    Ethnicity, Lifestyle and diabetes: Studies from UK Biobank
  • O'Connor, Siobh (General Practice)
    Digital personal child health records: re-engineering the delivery of public health screening
  • Okon, Marian (Public Health)
    The role of environmental pollution in urban and rural health inequalities in Nigeria
  • Russell, Lynda (Psychological Medicine)
    Working with parents in Addiction Services who have children in the care system
  • Scobie, Hannah (General Practice)
    Understanding public perceptions of the early detection of lung cancer
  • Warrilow, Adele (Public Health)
    Development of a global neurodevelopment risk
  • Wetherall, Karen (Psychological Medicine)
    How do perceptions of social rank and social comparisons relate to suicidality/self-harm.
  • Xin, Yiqiao (Health Economics)
    Making What Counts Be Counted: Evaluating the Use of Preference-Based Outcome Measures in Parkinson's Disease
  • Xing, Rong (Psychological Medicine)
  • Yates, Megan (Public Health)
    Mortality Amenable to Health Care Intervention in Scotland
  • Young-Southward, Genevieve (Clin Psychology)

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