Athena SWAN in IHW

IHW voices: staff and students reflect

In October 2020, as part of efforts to ensure that the content of IHW's monthly newsletter, HAWKEYE, is balanced, inclusive and relatable, we launched our "IHW voices" feature.

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Anyone from within the institute may contribute, with colleagues from all job families, and students, invited to "tell their story" or share experiences of working and studying in IHW that others might find interesting, helpful or inspiring. 

Examples of pieces written from a more personal perspective in previous editions of HAWKEYE have included:

"5-minutes with..." 


Career development


Teaching and learning-related 

Parenting and caring 

Equality, diversity and inclusion 

Black Lives Matter 



Work/life balance

If you would like to discuss your idea for a reflective article, please contact HAWKEYE's editor, or send your content direct to