Peter Adams wins Tenovus Medal

This years Tenovus Symposium was held on 30th November, in conjunction with the Glasgow Ageing Research Network (GARNER) and was themed on Epigenetics and Ageing. The meeting proved a great success, having adopted a changed format by hosting an exceptional panel of international speakers to accompany a talk by outstanding Medallist, Prof Peter Adams, who leads the Section of Epigenetics in ICS.
Other speakers include Prof Moshe Szyf (McGill), Prof. Susan Ozanne (Cambridge), Dr Louise Nordfors (Karolinska Institute) and Dr Vincent Cunliffe (Sheffield).

Prof Adams delivered his lecture on ‘The epigenetics of cancer and ageing – from mechanisms to therapeutic interventions’ to an audience of 140 staff and students from across the campus, as well as distinguished visitors from Tenovus Scotland and a range of other Scottish institutions.

Prof Richard Cogdell, Deputy Head of College, presented the Tenovus medal to Prof Adams.

Richard Cogdell Peter Adams with Tenovus medal      ‌        Paul Shiels with Peter Adams       ‌
Picture 1.
Prof. Richard Cogdell presents Prof. Adams with the Tenovus medal.

Picture 2.
Prof. Paul Shiels (Epigenetics, ICS and Chair of the GU Organising Committee) with a delighted Prof. Adams (Epigenetics, ICS)

Speakers and Organisers
Picture 3.
Speakers and Organisers

(L-R) Dr V Cunliffe, Prof. S Ozanne, Prof M. Szyf, Prof Peter Adams, Prof Paul Shiels, Prof Colin Selman, Dr L Nordfors, Dr E Combet

First published: 19 December 2016

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