Postgraduate student testimonials

 Greg Poet, PhD student

'I completed my PhD at UofG in 2015 in which I researched the redox biochemistry of protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum. I was thrilled to have opportunity to do this and I feel that the research I got to do made a meaningful contribution to science. The PhD was also rewarding in terms of the life experiences I had and for the progression of my own professional development. I am very proud of my association with the UofG. Glasgow is my home city and I feel that the people of the city in general and also specifically at UofG are friendly, welcoming and good humored. I also have a high opinion of the Institute of MCSB where I worked at UofG due to the love of science shown there as well as the approachable manner of the scientists. Within MCSB there were very few social barriers created by professional seniority and I often enjoyed sharing jokes and stories with my colleagues as we discussed our research. I’m also proud of UofG’s welcoming stance to students and researchers of all nationalities and I found getting to work and form friendships with international researchers a fun and rewarding experience. Following my PhD I was fortunate enough to gain a position as a Post-doc at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. This was made possible by the positive research environment I experience at Glasgow and the support of my colleagues and mentors during my time there. It’s no exaggeration for me to say that my PhD at Glasgow was one of the best experiences of my life!'

Elka Kyurkchieva, Undergraduate

'I chose the University of Glasgow because it has a good reputation for Life Science degrees. A lot of research is done here, which allows me to be up to date with the latest innovations in science. I chose molecular and cellular biology because I believe it is intellectually challenging, rewarding and also a suitable way for me to contribute to science by doing what I love.  I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere within the University. As an International student, I feel very welcome here by both native students and staff. Lecturers have inspired me to continue expanding my knowledge on topics that I enjoy. During my time here, I have developed my communication and team-working skills. I have gained confidence in what I do and have developed new skills relevant to my degree. The high-level of communication with lecturers and staff through seminars and online platforms has informed me of potential career paths and I have been able to make well-informed choices for my future. I believe that the theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained in the University of Glasgow will be a solid base for a future career in life sciences.'

Colin Shepherd, PhD student

'Having studied for my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Glasgow, it was an easy decision for me to continue to study for a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. I had been exposed to a wide variety of topics in the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences and I knew that the researchers, teachers and lecturers were very highly regarded in their fields, carrying out internationally renowned research that was very well published. This was the perfect environment for me. I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to broaden my horizons, develop my research networks and the exposure to such a range of research. Outside of my studies, the university was excellent for sporting and social adventures. During my time at Glasgow I felt that the help and support from my supervisor, other mentors and the wider networks was invaluable. Their enthusiasm for research and teaching without a doubt inspired me to follow a similar career path. My PhD qualification has enabled me to continue research at another Russell Group university as a postdoctoral researcher. My time at the University of Glasgow was thoroughly enjoyable and I would encourage anyone to make the most of the opportunities available there.'

Guillermo Corrales, PhD student

I am now finishing my PhD studies in Molecular Genetics at the University of Glasgow, and after three years working here, I find that time has passed so fast. I have enjoyed my time here, both professionally and personally. There is very good research going on at the UofG, and there are fabulous researchers coming from very diverse backgrounds, which enriched my views of science. All people here have been very helpful and welcoming (from colleagues and supervisors to administrative staff). Outside the lab, Glasgow also offers many things to do, such as concerts, theatre, or, if the weather is good, a nice hike in the Highlands. I believe that my time here has been a very good step in my career, and I would recommend anyone to join Glasgow Uni and make the most of it.