Summary of Covid Procedures 

Testing: Those with symptoms should self-isolate and book a test as soon as possible or by calling 0800 028 2816.  If you start to feel unwell at work keep your facemask on (if possible), return home, self-isolate and arrange a test.  If you are not well enough to do this, then flag this to your Line Manager so that appropriate support can be given.

If the test is positive, Test and Protect will give you further advice.  Please note it is the role of the Test & Protect team, and not the University, to identify and inform any close contacts and they have specific protocols to protect the confidentiality of the confirmed case if they don’t wish their details to be shared.

University’s procedures for managing suspected or confirmed COVID cases:

More detailed information and instructions on the procedures can be found here:

Guidance for Managers 
Guidance for Staff
Guidance for Students 

Institute Procedures:

  • If you test positive for covid, advise your Line Manager and  Michelle Robb (MR).
  • A positive test result will be kept confidential unless the individual chooses to tell their close colleagues and/ or advises they are happy for their colleagues to be notified. In this circumstance, Line Managers can notify immediate work colleagues who may have been in close contact, and ask them to be alert for any symptoms and to follow relevant official guidance as appropriate.  Test & Protect will contact individuals directly if they deem them to be at risk and will advise them of any requirement to self-isolate.
  • The individual or Line Manager should complete the Covid reporting form on the UG helpdesk
  • MR will liaise with relevant stakeholders eg Building and Health and Safety Leads, Director of Institute etc.
  • MR will ask you to complete a short survey to help identify the areas you have been working in, so that we can arrange deep cleaning.
  • You should advise your Line Manager about any continuity cover needed in relation to ongoing work.
  • If there are two or more linked cases an incident management team will be formed that involves MR/relevant stakeholders, plus representatives from College/SEPs/Comms/Estates.  This team will review the circumstances and decide any further actions needed.
  • With a positive test, if the individual is well enough and it is possible for them to work from home they should do so.  If you are not well enough to work then this should be recorded as sick absence due to covid.  If you are well enough to work but can’t work from home the absence should be recorded as self-isolation.
  • Similarly, if an individual has been asked by Track and Trace to self-isolate, they should work from home where possible and if not possible the absence should be recorded as self-isolation.
  • Quarantine – Individuals and Managers (when authorising) should consider the risks around travelling and the potential to be asked to self-isolate when returning.  If the individual has been asked to quarantine and is not able to work from home, then annual leave will need to be extended.