LH2 structure

LH2 structure

We have provided several ways for you to explore the structure of the light-harvesting complex 2 from Rps. acidophila strain 10050. If you have no knowledge of the protein complex then the image gallery is good starting place since it contains descriptions of the components.

Image Gallery of LH2
Images of the complex illustrating interesting parts of the structure together with descriptions.


Any web browser capable of displaying JPEG format images.

Chime Presentation ( Advanced )
Interactive 3D view of the LH2 structure.

We have provided a simple interface which has several preset views, and a more advanced interface suitable for use by those with some knowledge of the LH2 complex. The latter allows the complex to be viewed as the user chooses, but requires some knowledge of Chime or Rasmol.

Some tips for the advanced interface:

  • Try to follow through the numbered steps.
  • It is not necessary to use 'Display On' unless it has previously been turned off.
  • Initially all molecules are 'On'
  • Within each step several settings may be tried without repeating the previous steps - the exception is the Hydrophobic colouring which requires that you re-select the molecule before changing the colour.

If you have never used Chime before please read the How to Use Chime page to familiarise yourself with the controls.

If you encounter problems with the Chime interface please contact Dr Adrian Simmons


You will need to have the Chime 2 plugin installed, you can learn about Chime and download it free at the Chime support site.

Note that the Chime 2 plugin requires the use of either Netscape 4.05 or later, or Internet Explorer 4 or later if you are using Microsoft Windows. On the Macintosh Netscape Communicator or Navigator 4.05 or later must be used.

Both Java and Javascript will need to be enabled in your browser.
Elsewhere on the web
Several other web sites contain images of this protein complex and related proteins from other species. You can find them on our links page.

Getting the atomic structure
Alternatively you can download the atomic data and exlpore the structure using Rasmol or another viewer of your choice. Search at these sites for 1KZU

RCSB Protein Data Bank
The atomic coordinates submitted to the protein data bank.

Automatically generated macromolecules

Summary of macromolecules and their constituents plus where to find the models