Mrs Marie Safner

  • Research Technician (Institute of Molecular Cell & Systems Biology)


Key Skills 

Grant Funded

I act as a lab manager and technical support to the current staff and students in Prof Kostas Tokatlidis laboratory. I have been in the post since October 2018, but I managed to take on a variety of different responsibilities. My core duties and skills are: 

  • Overseeing adherence to safety rules in the lab 
  • Producing COSHH forms, managing physical databases of up-to-date MSDS sheets 
  • Making internal and external orders, act as a point of contact to company sales advisors 
  • Introducing and carrying out initial training for new and visiting students 
  • Generating databases of materials owned by lab 
  • Cloning 
  • Primer design and PCR 
  • Site-directed mutagenesis 
  • Production of competent cells 
  • Updating and managing glycerol stock library 
  • Being a radioactivity supervisor - overseeing the use of 35S methionine, recording its use, waste disposal