Mr Aniruddha Pandit

  • Bioinformatician / Web Developer (Institute of Molecular Cell & Systems Biology)


Key Skills

Grant Funded  

  • Design, Development and maintenance of project websites and database web-applications
  • Database management, data-mining and data curation of relevant data
  • Creation of pipelines for RNA-Seq and microRNA-Seq data analysis including quantification, functional annotation and gene ontology

Computational Skills 

  • OS: Windows, Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu), Mac OS
  • Programming and scripting languages: Experience in PERL, CGI, DBI, and SQL. Knowledge of PHP, undertaking learning Python and R Programming currently. 
  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, and Frameworks such as Mojolicious. 
  • Databases: Database Design, Creation and Administration. Experience with MySQL, PostGreSOL, Access. 
  • Project Management Tools: Redmine, Basecamp, Bugzilla, MS Project 
  • Applications: Git (Version control), Apache Server, Eclipse (multi-language IDE), WAMP, PERL editors (Komodo, ActiveState), Selenium IDE and Microsoft Office. 
  • Bioinformatics tools, databases and other resources including: BLAST+Suite, Tuxedo, Trinity, CAP-miRSEq, BioEdit, CLC Workbench, and Galaxy. 

Research interests

Design and development of applications, workflows and data-analysis pipelines for various data tyoes including Next-Gen Sequencing data including transcriptomic, genomic and metabolomics data, website and database-web application development, pipeline creation and software module creation. 


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