MCSB Virtual Seminar Series

Welcome to the University of Glasgow IMCSB virtual seminars!
These will run spring-summer 2020, Wednesdays, 3pm, unless stated otherwise.

13th May 
Speaker: Alan Cheung, University of Bristol/UCL 
Talk Title: Structure and function of Chromatin modifying complexes SAGA and NuA4

20th May 
Speaker: Kathryn Wellen, University of Pennyslvania 
Talk Title: Acetyl-CoA metabolism in health and disease

27th May

Speaker: Carolyn Sevier, Cornell University 
Talk Title: Modulation of Hsp70 chaperone activities during oxidative stess

Thursday 11th June
Speaker: Stein Aerts, KU Leuven, Belgium
Talk Title: Deciphering cellular identity in the fly brain using single-cell multi-omics

17th June

Speaker: Dmitri Nusinow, Danforth Plant Science Center, Missouri, USA 
Talk Title: Photoperception after dark: nuclear bodies regulate light, temperature, and circadian signaling in Arabidopsis

Meeting etiquette: Please leave your microphone muted for the duration of the talk, except to applaud the speaker. Submit questions via the Zoom chat box, and feel free to do this as the talk runs. The chair will moderate questions at the end of the talk, ensuring that those from ECRs and students are taken, but for the speaker’s benefit please un-mute and express your question verbally if the chair selects it.