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To determine the mechanistic action of drugs in the context of human disease with the aim of establishing novel pharmacological paradigms that will result in the rational design of next generation drugs.

International excellence:
The Centre aims to be a beacon of excellence recognised for world leading research in translational pharmacology. It will draw on and further develop the strong internal and external links facilitated by both extensive academic networks and industrial partners and will be underpinned by access to clinical expertise, patient samples and clinical trials. As such the Centre for Translational Pharmacology engages with the very best researchers and, in so doing, link each of independently funded Fellows, new investigators, students and clinical training Fellows with globally leading research teams in both academia and industry to maximise training opportunities and delivery.

National Hub

The Centre will operate as a hub for a national strategy for the development and application of novel pharmacological approaches to the treatment of human disease and in the training of next generation leaders in translational pharmacology. The Centre will place the UK at the heart of the renaissance in molecular pharmacology drive by new methodological and animal models, the availability of human patient samples and sophisticated imaging modalities (both animal and human) and rapid development of approaches to co-ordinate data streams emerging from next generation sequencing and the opportunities so presented for patient-stratified and selective pharmacological treatments. The Centre will aim to be inclusive and reach out to support and assist groups across the UK.

Industrial Partnership

Through formal links with clear funding streams the Centre cultivates strong industrial partnerships that exemplify the very best in academic industrial relations. These form an international academic/industrial network that will develop pre-clinical (pre-competitive) programmes to full scale, independently funded, drug discovery programmes with line of sight to the clinic.

Exemplar Projects

• BBSRC funded Industrial Partnership Award scheme (£1.2M) with Astra Zeneca to investigate the therapeutic potential of the free fatty acid receptor family.
• Asta Zeneca funded GLAZgo Discovery Centre (£5M) lead by Prof Iain McInnes and Dr Carl Goodyear to identify novel targets in inflammatory disease.
• Open Innovation initiative established with Asta Zeneca to target free fatty acid receptors.
• MRC funded Industrial Collaborative Award (MICA) (£1.1M) with Eli Lilly to target the muscarinic receptor family in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease.
• MRC CASE studentships with Eli Lily.
• Heptares Therapeutics funded programme to de-risk hard to target GPCRs through an Opportunities in Receptor Biology for Industrial Translation ‘ORBIT’ award.


The Centre has a strong training focus aimed at developing the next generation leaders in the field of basic and clinical pharmacology. This training extends substantially beyond Ph.D. programmes to involve post-doctoral and Fellowship training (both basic and clinical scientists) allowing for exchange programmes with the worlds leading laboratories. This is exemplified by the Collaborative Award currently held by Andrew Tobin with the Wellcome Trust that brings together a network of the leading research labs in the area of muscarinic receptor pharmacology and neurodegenerative disease.

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