Collaborative grant successes for NMR

Demonstrating that integrating a strong biophysical strand into grant proposals that address important biological questions can assist in getting funding, 2020 is proving to be a good year for Dr Brian Smith, IMCSB’s and the University of Glasgow’s biomolecular NMR expert. In the latest UKRI-BBSRC grant round announced in August he is co-investigator on two funded grants with Prof John Christie & Prof Neil Bullied. In the projects, NMR will be used for its unique ability to provide combined insights into the structure, dynamics and interactions of key proteins involved in blue light perception in plants and in the reversible modification of methionine residues, respectively. NMR data analysis requires good software support and Brian will also be playing a role in the collaborative computational project for NMR (CCPNMR) as a co-investigator on the UKRI-MRC funded project led by Prof Geerten Vuister (University of Leicester) whose grant funding renewal was announced this month/in October.

SULSA backed pump-prime funding for biomolecular NMR projects is expected to be available again in 2021 through the EPSRC funded Scottish High Field NMR Centre in which Brian is also a partner.

First published: 24 November 2020

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