New publication in Insects

Dr Claire Donald recently published an article in Insects, titled 'Toxorhynchites Species: A Review of Current Knowledge'. 

Mosquitoes are well known to spread diseases when they bite. However, not all species require a blood meal and able to survive and reproduce without feeding on an animal host. One such species is Toxorhynchites, which are a paradox among mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are entirely non-blood feeding and, as a result, are not considered to be harmful to human health. Instead their larvae feed on the larvae of pest species and other aquatic insects and as a result has a role as a potential counter measure against the spread of mosquito-transmitted diseases. Their effective application has been hampered due to a lack of understanding and inconsistencies in their descriptions. This review aims to build upon previously published information and summarize recent findings to support their use in combating mosquito-transmitted infections.


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First published: 4 November 2020

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