Early Career Researchers (ECR) Committee Introduction

The IMCSB’s Early career researcher (ECR) committee is a collection of ECR’s from across the Institute. The committee aims to work closely with ECRs and the Institute to foster a vibrant ECR community by delivering and signposting opportunities/advice for ECRs to enhance their personal and professional development.

Our successes include:
• arranging the ECR away days
• grant-writing seminars
• organizing seminars on alternative career options
• promoting collaborations amongst ECRs by working with the Institute to provide beer and pizza for after the PGR/PDRA seminars.

Our current plans include:
• An ECR away day focused around careers outwith academia
• Championing the mentorship scheme in the Institute
• Organizing workshops on how to write successful grants and fellowships

The present committee consists of:

- Adam Dobson (Chair)

- Putri Prasetyaningrum (Bower)
- Wei Lui (Bower)
- Grant McKenzie (Bower)
- Will Rooney (Bower)

- Mary Dysko (Cemi)
- Hannah Donnelly (Cemi)
- Caroline Bush (Cemi/PGR)
- Virginia Llopis-Hernandez (Cemi)
- Monica Tsimbouri (Cemi)

- Sue Krause (Davidson)
- Marc Ciosi (Davidson)
- Omar Janha (Davidson)

- Maria Gaellman (Admin)

ECR Committee sitting round desks discussingECR Committee sitting round desks discussing

We are representative organization meaning if you have any suggestions or queries we encourage you to get in touch by talking to a committee member or emailing us.



First published: 17 August 2020

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