Science from around the world - MCSB virtual seminars.

One of the silver linings to lockdown has been the sudden explosion of virtual seminars, linking researchers around the world and giving us an exciting new way to network and to share results.

Not to be left behind, our virtual MCSB seminars have been going well, with up to 60 attendees tuning in via Zoom each week. This has also been a nice opportunity to welcome colleagues from across the college, and showcase the kind of science we’re interested in.

Alan Cheung (University of Bristol) kicked things off with his presentation of the structure and function of transcriptional co-activators. Alan broke new ground not only with his science, and not only by being our first virtual speaker, but also by giving what we’re pretty sure was the first ever UofG seminar presented from inside a car. We were then joined by Kathryn Wellen (University of Pennsylvania) who got us up to speed with the complex biology of acetyl coenzyme-A; and Carolyn Sevier (Cornell University) showed beautiful data on the modulation of Hsp70 activity during oxidative stress.

Coming up, we can look forward to presentations from: Stein Aerts (KU Leuven), whose group has produced a full atlas of the (fly) brain; Dmitri Nusinow (Danforth Plant Center) will present work on regulation of plant circadian signaling by nuclear bodies; our new Regius Professor of Precision Medicine, Ross Cagan, will translate cancer therapies from flies to the bedside; and finally Chris Tate (MRC LMB, Cambridge) will preview work accepted in Nature on structural pharmacology of the beta1 adrenoreceptor.

The seminars are at 3pm, Wednesdays (except Stein Aerts, who presents this Thursday, 11th June). Details on how to join the meeting. 

See you there!

First published: 1 June 2020

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